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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 25, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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new information from abc 7 news i team on asiana 214 crash and problems that led up to a teen-aged passenger's death. >> we're live tonight in oakland police trying to figure out why a neighborhood dog walker was murdered. the video may tell the story. >> from stanford tonight a hacker attack. you'll learn it could have been skplif death. >> and what is new for breakfast thanks to a lab hoping to change your eating habits. >> good evening, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> the abc 7 news i team
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learned details about what led to the death of a 16-year-old chinese student run over by a fire truck after surviving the asiana airlines crash. >> this is the case of a veteran firefighter trying to dot right thing but something horrible ended up happening. >> this is so sensitive, my long time police and fire sources don't want to appear on camera. when praising the firefighter who drove the truck that rolled over the girl. the 49-year-old is known as a sharp, competent veteran. sources tell me several problems occurred including by other firefighters and top brass tla contributed to this traj wrik accident. she has been in the spotlight in this documentary mentioning her career as a san francisco firefighter. >> looks like was going on. >> working out of the crash house, station two at the intersection of the runways
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duckett prepared 24 years for this day. >> oh, my god. >> as colleagues rushed to the site sources tell me she was out buying food for the fire house coming back to find everyone gone, she jumped in this rescue and firefighter truck. sources say she drove by herself, no rider or spotter to help navigate. department policy is two firefighters in the truck when fully staffed but solo driving is allowed in an meerg as it turns out there was a small person stuck between the seat. >> duckett fellow firefighters beat back flames and boarded the craft, rescuing passenger autos there were two patients on back boards .s and one other person was just taken out of the plane. >> sources say a firefighter carried the 16-year-old from the back of the plane left her near the left wing, a
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hazardous place as the huge rigs jockeed to fight the fire. issue two, whether the firefighter thought the girl was alive or dead, sources say he should have gotten her to a safer spot. >> there was in the area where the victim was found a blanket of foam applied to suppress the fire on the aircraft. >> the fire chief says a blanket of foam may have covered the girl and mobile 37, the truck duckett was drive dg not have a flir or forward looking infrared that can pick up a heat signature through fog or foam. >> and it's reflecting that on the screen as various shades of white or gray. >> airport fire chief tells me his three front line rigs have flir but not unit mobile 37. the faa has funding available to retro fit rigs like that. >> as far as our reserve we it hasn't been done. >> sources confirm the
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department told duckett this week it was the truck she was driving that rolled over the victim, and they offered counseling. the coroner reported the girl died of blunt force injuries consistent with being run over. those injuries she received she was alive at the time. >> the i team learned there are several videos that have been passed on to ntsb. soursz say the video showing her in a fetal position on the ground before mobile 37 rolled over her. several firefighters walk by. perhaps not realizing she needed help. this is a tragedy. the fire chief tells me the investigation is wrapping into the ntsb we may not hear the story for a year. it's a difficult time for he'll ease duckett she has support from the department to help her through this tough time. >> it's a tragedy. >> yes.
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>> an up indicate on a frightening landing of a southwest airlines jet in new york last week. as you may know the front landing gear collapsed and the plane skidded off the runway. today the national transportation safety board said the nose of the plane tilted down in the last four seconds of the landing and hit the ground before the main gear did. that is the opposite of how it's supposed to happen. >> crews putting out hot spots at this hour on a fire that started just before 1:00 on federal land. chemical plant workers were briefly told to shelter in place. winds sent the fire toward a neighborhood along port chicago highway. that fire destroyed 120 acres but no structures were burned. >> every year. we get up and trains go by and
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a spark, and it starts. >> cal fire says it's investigating how it started. flames briefly shut down the train trucks that run through the area. >> we have an update to a story we first brought you on abc 7 news yesterday about a 62-year-old woman found dead inside of her apartment on lundy avenue around 10:30 wednesday. police now say the woman was not the victim of a homicide. investigators said she died after assault but that does not appear to be the case so the homicide rate remains at 29 for the year. >> a 13-year-old girl in hay ward being hailed as a hero for preventing a brazen home invasion yesterday morning. police say a 22-year-old parole and another man broke into the garage. the 13-year-old took her 8-year-old brother into the
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closet and called her mom. the mom called the police. >> it's really seldom happens here. used to be very, very safe. >> i never saw anything. this neighborhood is quiet. i leave my doors open smrks times. >> police arrived in time to see both running from the house, one is still on the loose. >> hackers broke into stanford's computer network for the second time since may. it's not clear how much data might have been stolen but stanford joins a growing number of universities and corporations under attack. >> getting hacked once is a wake up call, a second time is sometimes a serious vulnerability. we mean possibly life threatening. the scramble is on to change pass words.
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for the second time in three months hackers breeched security. this time no, one is sure of the extent of the intrusion, stanford only saying it doesn't believe health information was stolen nor social security numbers but on may 14th a hacker stole names, e mails and photos for 1400 users then posted the data online for others to see. students aren't surprised stan stored has been targeted. >> it seems to be going on at major research institutions so i changed my pass word. >> stanford and other high profile sites generally have strong protection for servers so hackers find another way to break in. >> these hackers comp moo miz students and use that trusted student and trusted device to get to servers. and compromise stuff on it. >> so a list of user names can
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be how how they gain access to sensitive data. of concern is the medical center. in this era of robotic surgery, a hacker could intrude on patient care and threaten the life of a patient. >> if bad guys get to it, they can change settings, configurations they can mess it up. which means things aren't happening the way they should be happening. >> could endanger someone's life? >> absolutely. at stanford abc 7 news. >> five people indicted in new jersey charged with running one of the most sophisticating
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hacking operations in u.s. history. prosecutor says they stole $160 million in numbers, half of them from visa based here in the bay area. they sold numbers for between 10ses today $50 apiece. >> a well known animal advocate is being mourn bid the community. she was gunned down yesterday in her car only blocks from her home. investigators are going through evidence gathered so far. >> this stands out because of the victim. the woman lived alone 20 years but was an active, beloved member of the kmuchblt yesterday afternoon, a gunman shot and killed 66-year-old judy solomon, a canadian native who moved her 20 yearsing ayes. >> she was one of the neighbors like one in a million. >> mike says she was the kind
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of neighbor coming to take care of your pets when you're out of town. >> she would go so far above and beyond the call. >> if an animal was in trouble, i'll say she was persistent about getting it taken care of. >> she was the pet nanny, that is how she described herself. owl out side of her house a pet carrier and fence. she walked her dogs from one end of the street to another. >> so friendly she'd come down, one of the only neighbors to join us. >> she was nice. >> solomon shot in her car just before 1:30 yesterday afternoon. people who live nearby have left flowers and candles police haven't talked about a motive but on fern street everybody else is saying robbery. >> she just worked out a deal
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to get a cheap smart phone she wasn't fond of. >> denny says she carried a fob and purse on the seat of the car ask he believes the men who hang out on fern street saw her as an easy mark. >> i'm talking about drug dealers people who live a lesser life style. >> darrell tyler says she hang out on this block. police collected video from a cram on top of an apartment z there is something else, right here, yesterday police found a number of liquor bottles here collected them and took them in to have them finger prinlted. >> it appears they fired a half dozen rounds, it left neighbors grieving and thinking about safety. >> one of the shocking things is that it could have been any of us driving thaup street at that time. could have been any of us. >> there is a candle light vigil set for judy solomon's
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neighborhood. my colleague will be having that story tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. still ahead why one county wide order went out after a neighborhood gas leak. >> caltrans putting finishing touches on the new bay bridge. whatever date they pick, it will be ready. >> bay area couple can't trade in their family car because of the car fax report. i'm michael finney. ahead, a perfectly fine car listed as a total wreck. >> i'm spencer christian. looking at advancing marine layer. all of a sudden our warm up is wi
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officials say a techal issue was the reason for a text message people receive that had said evacuate now issued for one million plus people who live in contra costa county. should have issued for the tiny community of alamo. the large scale he vac order came yesterday following a natural gas pipeline leak that had been repaired.
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>> yesterday, just a blip of a memory. because when a crew ruptured a gas line it was serious business with evacuations and highway closures. >> i thought the best thing i saw. >> overrun might be the actual word to hear the supervisor. >> what happened is a glitch here there is another program that is is called ipod. >> when happening into the moat fiction system it out a local warning but fema changed computer programs. instead of a localized evacuation, it went county wide. it was an auto mailted response that went a little bit further than intended. >> a little bit? >> we're trying to get that
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information. i would rather have too many people than not enough. >> as to how and why, still a matter of debate. a mudslide closed westbound lanes ofs of the sierra. take a look. you can so cars trying to get throughout mud here this, began at gold ranch and today, heavy hail and flooding hit the area around 3:30 this afternoon there are no reports of injuries or trucks damage but the lanes may be closed until 11:30 tonight. >> construction on the new bay bridge is pushing forward. we don't know when it will open. very visible projects should be underway, though this, weekend. we are now live from treasure island with that story. >> landscaping and line
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striping starting this weekend. lane striping beginning on western end of the new bridge and the landscaping beginning more on the eastern end. this stretch will be soon home to 96 palm trees. striping for five lanes and two shoulders will be beginning any day now. >> paving was done. so that lays ground work for striping to begin shortly. that should happen probably within the next few days. >> these final touches are the fun part but caltrans is still shrugging it out with catastrophic problem of broken bolts underneath the bridge. that work is going on right now with fabrication of the saddle retro fit underway.
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a competing plan to shore up could mean earlier date. >> it's still wide open. it's a wide window as well. there could be as late as december or could be earlier. be prepared to be given less notice. >> that includes notice of a public celebration. >> we're hopeful that public will get an opportunity to experience the bridge before it opens but now, we just don't know. >> whenever it is, caltrans needs four full days in order for the new bridge to open. >> i like the way he says experience the bridge. i just want to be able to drive across it! >> yes. >> that would be an experience. >> we're experiencing this weather. >> the team that defined it.
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take a look at live doppler 7 hd. sunny skies across the bay area. fog has been touching the coastline but it's impressive marine layer right now. powerful storms with 2,000 strikes. storms fueled by heating of the afternoon sun and stream of moisture. here is a look at lake tahoe now. we've got rather threatening looking clouds but storms are diminishing. back in the bay area, temperatures 61 degrees in san francisco. and nompblg live view from mount tam looking on to the bay. here we go. throughout the golden gate beginning to push locally over the bay. further readings 72 apiece at santa rosa and napa.
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another great view loorks imposing there. doesn't it? forecast features are these. low clouds and fog overnight, cooling trend warming up again starting early to mid week. here is a radar composite image showing a little flow, marrow stream of moisture that is moving up. and as we go down to ground level take a look at overnight conditions areas of fog advancing locally inland. fog push as cross the bay and burn quickly back to the coast. skb many coastal areas away from the coast we'll have cooler weather picture tomorrow. highs on the coast will be
7:23 pm
into upper 50s to just above 60. 80s up to above 90 today, tomorrow, not many locations will reach 90 tomorrow. mainly 80s, 86 in los gatos. mid-60s in and around san francisco. highs upper 70s to around 80 but way up north highs into 60s to 70s. upper 80s to near 90 and here is the accu-weather forecast. little cooling trend taking us through the weekend. high temperatures inland will be into 80s. 90 enland by thursday of next week. >> nice looking week ahead. >> micro cooling. >> i like that. >> there we go.
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>> still ahead food trucks proved to be a big hit. >> 100 pounds of meat gobbled up in two hours. >> want a smarter solution for the commute? go to abc 7 right now and you can driveway with the brand new smart car. we'll announce the winner friday here on the abc 7 morning news. so be smart and enter now. join me
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a cull lynn yairy trend landed at sfo. weekly off the grid food truck gatherings kicked off today at the airport. trucks will be making lunchtime appearances every thursday outside terminal one. the offerings will be different week to week. it's welcome news for travelers and some workers who told us variety will be nice and so will savings. >> i think restaurants here are overprice sod there is alternative, you know, i think it's nice. >> there are a lot of restaurants here. a lot of them are past security check points. >> today's launch proved a success. the board walk sold out in two and a half hours went through 60 pounds of kalua pork and 40 pounds of chicken.
7:28 pm
>> tonight big day for facebook investors. stock shot up 30%. an lifts raising price targets now that the company has shown it can make money on advertising. facebook closed $34 a share best price since the day after the company went public in may z facebook had a positive affect on the market today. the dow closed 13 points higher despite disappointing profits. nasdaq added 25 and facebook went up almost $8 a share, amazon reporting a loss today of $7 million. sales increased 22% but amazon wound up paying more for shipping and digital content rights. >> coming up next an abc news exclusive. we have experts that robin roberts interview with a juror in the george zimmerman trial who says he got away with murder. >> and anthony weiner back on damage control again tonight after another new revelation.
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n.a 2-year-old sexting
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tonight the only minority on the all female jury that voted to acquit george zimmerman of murdering florida teen trayvon martin is talking about that verdict. the juror is saying zimmerman should have been convicted. robin roberts sat down for an emotional conversation today. >> my first was second degree murder. >> it was hard. i wanted to find something bad, something we can connect to the law for myself he's guilty because the evidence shows he's guilty. >> he's guilty of? >> killing trayvon martin but as the law was read to me, if you have no proof that he killed him intentionally, you can't say he's guilty.
7:33 pm
>> did you want to step out? >> that was going to give him a hung jury. i fought until the end. it's hard to sleep. it's hard for me to ee. because i feel i was forcibly included in trayvon martin's death. i carry him on my back. i'm hurting as much as his mommy. because there is no way that any mother should feel that pain. >> but you feel in your heart of hearts that you, and the jury approached it and came with a decision and you stand by that decision to this day? >> i stand by the decision because of the law. if i stand by the decision because of my heart he would have been guilty. >> i know you heard people
7:34 pm
have said george zimmerman got way with murder. how do you respond to those people who say that? >> george zimmerman... george skim yirman got away with murder. but you can't get away from god. and at the end of the day, he's gofg a lot of questions and answers he has to deal with. the law couldn't prove it but you know, you know the world goes in circles. >> you can see more of that exclusive interview on night line tonight as well as tomorrow right here on abc 7. >> officials say hallly burton will plead guilt yes to in the largest spill in u.s. history saying the company destroyed evidence looking into the cause of the gulf of mexico
7:35 pm
oil spill showing bp ignored recommendation that's would have improved safety at the deep water horizon drilling rig. halliburton will pay a $200,000 fine. new revelations today in the anthony weiner sexting scandal. weiner admits he traded racy messages with as many as three women. today a gossip site post aid lewd photo of weiner allegedly sent to a woman last year. new revelations forced him to spend yet another day on damage control. >> i regret anyone at the other end of of this got dragged into this. i refuse to do that. i don't think it's fair to them >> house minority leader says the behavior of weiner and san diego mayor accused of sexual harassment is rep hencible and
7:36 pm
disrespectful of women. >> what is stunning is that they don't realize it. you know? they zront a clue. and it's really if they're clueless get a clue. if they need therapy, do it in private. >> so far weiner refuses to bow out of the race. a poll shows he's lost his lead. >> o.j. simpson made a plea to aparole board in nevada testifying on his own behalf by way of video link said he regrets robbing a pair of memorabilia dealers in las vegas saying he wishes he had never gone to the hotel room. simpson sentenced to terms of up to 33 years for kidnapping robbery and burglary. a total of five counts. he's hoping to be paroled on one set of charges to do time on the second set. a decision is due next week. >> a chill nug video emerge that had deadly train detrail rail nmt spain. take a look. the train going soft cars
7:37 pm
skipped off the tracks. analysis indicates the train may have been traveling at twice the speed limit. 80 people were killed including one american. 114 people were hurt and among them, five americans. the driver sk questioned as a possible suspect. investigators looking into whether there was trouble with safety equipment. >> coming up next, this won't answer the chicken skpeg debate. >> egg
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a bay area company hoping to change the way we eat and how food is consumed around the world. their goal to introduce plant-based substitutes in new invo yaitive ways. chefs will tell you have to break eggs to make an omelette but researchers are working to change that. >> it's a bean it and allows
7:41 pm
us to scramble like an egg. >> hampton creek located in a loft-style building in the south of market area seems like a cross between a start up and a trendy restaurant. it's goal according to the found jer nothing short of moving food supply away from animal-base prod ducts. >> so we do that by focusing on one almost of the system of our broken system. global egg production because it's particularly unsustainable. >> the team analyzes plants from around the world breaking them down and testing their properties. >> we can start asking questions okay this contains these proteins does it behave differently in mayonnaise? >> next a spirit prod ses of recipe testing that is hit and miss. chef chris jones is the culinary director. >> when first working with our
7:42 pm
just mayo formula we're on run nine, and we all tasted it and it was one of the moments you're like that is where it's at. >> properties compared to other versions so far, research resulted in eggless cookies and muffins hard to tell from originals and scrambled nonegg autos it's good. tastes just like an egg. >> the company hopes to begin distributing through stores in the u.s. but the plan is to create cheaper alternatives for distribution throughout the developing world. they believe impact would be greatest. >> we like to think how to give food to people who go to bed hungry every snit. >> that first step starts with reinventing the egg.
7:43 pm
accord together united nations global redemand was about 14 million tons a decade ago expected to triple by the end of this decade. >> carolyn, it's stuff there. the car fax report that was a wreck. what i said about a vehicle that simply
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a lot of used car buyers turning to car fax to learn about the hist rit of the vehicle. >> one couple got stung by a big mistake on the report. michael finney here now with their story. >> car fax you've seen commercials. everyone has. you go to a car dealer they'll sell telling everybody wants see a car fax this, couple never had a problem with their car until they saw the report giving them shocking news about the car they'd been
7:47 pm
driving. ellen and her husband are quite happy with the lexus they bought used four years ago. >> in excellent condition. no dents. >> it's been running perfectly and looks well, almost like new. >> one time i bump into a pole and caused a dent. >> so came as a shock when the car dealer told her it was a total wreck. >> he circled it there. saying this is a totalled car. wow. a surprise it happened when the couple twont trade in the lexus for a new car. the dealer looked up the report which shows a car's history. here it says their lexus declared a total loss back in 2005 when the car was brand new. that would mean it rolled out of the factory and got wrecked and rebuilt. helen says impossible. >> we took the car for maintenance, nobody said
7:48 pm
anything about it being totalled. >> the couple hoped to get $9,000 or $10,000s but the dealer would not let imthem trade in the car. >> she the said i can't take the car. that was the end of it. >> not for helen. she took-to-it to a bod eye shop. technician found there is no prior body repairs saying these are original barts factory stickers so could not have been totalled. also if a car is salvaged it must be reported to dmv and there was no such report you made an error, i told them remove the information them refused. >> car fax said an insurance company reported the loss in an e mail to the couple a manager said unfortunately, because the record has been verified correct with the source of the record, i cannot remove the record from the car fax report. helen had had enough. she contacted 7 on your side
7:49 pm
and the company researched this case. sure enough, it found the report was wrong. car fax removed this total loss blemish replacing witness no accidents or damage. car fax said report was reported to us in error and when researching it we found the error and updated it. we work with every summer with when an issue comes up with a piece of data. we're happy to work with any customer with concern autos what a relief. yes. >> huge money, here. car fax tells us it makes every effort to correct mistakes and the company thinks it takes a day to remove errors if you have a problem i want to you let me know about it. >> great job. >> yes. >> thanks. >> a san francisco man is san francisco's newest
7:50 pm
millionaire. officials say he decided to stop by the local grocery store to check on the ticket bought there weeks before. good thing he d turb turns out it was worth $2.6 million. the winner is a san francisco hotel security worker. >> now living out spencer christian's dream. >> that is nice. yes. >> that is -- keep driving. high temperatures inland upper 80s to near 906789 three-day weekend looks mild to warm. here is our accu-weather forecast. we're going to have mild weather going into the weekend. tapering off to 80s and bounce up to 90 by thursday. >> a new service called watch abc.
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a live stream of our programming here on abc 7. now, you can watch them live and on demand. >> it's a program available at no extra cost go to abc 7 and find out how to access watch abc. and from there go to live stream or search to down load the app. >> sports is coming up next today. today. can collin
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49ers kicked off training camp today in santa clairea. all eyes on colon kaepernick started in relative obscurity but now one of the most talked about players in the league this, is the first training camp as starter and he had experience leading nine dwrorz the super bowl. he had to earn trust of his teammates now become becoming the face and leader of the franchise. >> the players don't respect you, if they feel you're
7:55 pm
someone they can come to, talk to associate with they're not going to fight you. my teammates are more comfortable bhee. >> people like his company, they like being around him. and to be effective they've got to be follow bid most of the group he's leading. >> one thing that is cool is that it's all opportunity. last year went out there, ran with it. >> who is he throwing to? williams suffered a torn acl. he should be ready by week one. michael crabtree will take his spot, williams feels niners have dep toj fill the void.
7:56 pm
>> it's going to hurt. you're not going replace a guy like that. you're not just going to replace someone like that. you're going have to pick up the slack that. is all of us. we have the personnel to do it. and mind set to handle it. >> all draft picks will be there. the 12th pick signed with the deem today. the deal four years worth around $10 million. questions about hayden, his career nearly ended after colliding with a teammate. and needed surgery. in may he had abdominal surgery. matt ryan has one play offwin but that did not stop him from becoming second highest quarterback in the league. five years, $103 million. that is 59 tdzs million
7:57 pm
guaranteed. bank of the west classic today, stanford tennis star nicole gibs facing jamie hampton. gibs making her pro debut last week. back handier down the line here then on match point gibs return into the net. 7-5, 6, 7, 6, 3. golf senior british open a lot of speed there. birdie gets him under two under. first round of the pop luke donald rough with some of the british open. did a weed whacker, one over eight back.
7:58 pm
six under 66 for kutcher. abc 7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. going to be and they'll get to see what they'll bring to the table. >> yes. should be exciting season for sure. >> join me tonight coming up women's height and cancer, researchers say there is a link. short or tall who is at greater right after this snk. >> then, pot farm slave. shocking allegations of a teenager forced to cut pot plants then locked in a box and sexually abused. that is tonight at 11:00. >> tonight here on abc 7 wipeout followed by motive and rookie blue and abc 7 news
7:59 pm
tonight at 11:00. >> that is going to do it for now. from the entire news team, thanks for joining us. thanks for joining us. you can follow us on
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